The IB Diploma Programme is designed for students aged between 16 and 19. It is a unique curriculum, not based on the pattern of a single country, but is a deliberate compromise ​between the specialisation required in some national systems and the breadth of learning preferred in others.​​​

In achieving this, students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of their mastering of a range of subjects and in their development of skills and disciplines necessary for success in our competitive, global world.

The IB Diploma allows entry to universities around the world. In recent years, students form the International School Hilversum have been offered places at such respected universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Warwick and Durham Universities in the United Kingdom.

IB Diploma students also have access to top North American universities such as Harvard and Yale. Some US universities offer advanced credit for IB Diploma students on certain courses. All leading universities in Europe recognise the IB Diploma. Diploma candidates are required to select six subjects from a broad spectrum of learning incorporating the humanities and sciences. Three of these subjects are taken at Higher Level, the others at Standard Level. By arranging subject learning in this way, students are able to explore some subjects in depth and some subjects more broadly over a two-year period.

The school has an outstanding success rate in the Diploma Programme, with a pass rate in excess of 95% in the first sitting and close to 100% overall.
While an overall balance is maintained, a focus on three Higher Level subjects a​llows the student to pursue areas of personal interest and meet t​he special re​quirements neceessary for university entrance. In addition to the study of six subjects, students also follow a Theory of Knowledge course, submit an extended essay and participate in the CAS programme​ (creativity, action and service activities).