The Sustainability Committee is a student-led council with representatives from each class in the school.

They work under the Mission Statement:

'Making your education greener!'

"We strive to make the school a more sustainable place by effectively raising awareness and inspiring the school’s community to take initiative. We will do this by encouraging more sustainable and ethical choices both at school and at home and reduce the school’s negative impact on the environment by identifying and solving problems. We will stimulate students and teachers not involved with the council to help with interactive projects." (Sustainability Committee 2020) 

The Sustainability Committee meet regularly and are focused on carrying out and encouraging projects in school and at a home that contribute to sustainable living and combating climate change.
They also offer the annual 'Green Future Award' which is a competition to stimulate sustainable projects on an individual, group and class level.
Each year, the Sustainability Committee organises the Sustainability Festival, a day that is themed around a certain topic and involves the whole school. Click here to see footage from the 2022 edition.
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