The Model of United Nations is a popular club that aims to prepare Grade 10 to DP2 students as responsible global citizens and give them agency. Through three to five days conferences, that resemble the proceedings of a real conference of the United Nations, students get the chance to develop their communication, research and thinking skills in a fun and social way.

The Club helps students become more aware of the multidimensional aspect of many issues and the need for collective action. Proving a channel for students voices to be heard the MUN Club has attracted students interested in Politics, Economics, Law, Environment and Human Rights.


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Every year the Club participates in Arhnem- LmunA, Hague-MUNISH & THIMUN and Haarlem-HMUN. Our delegates have represented the interests for a number of countries; from USA to Ethiopia and have victoriously been awarded best delegates. The good preparation and hard effort of many members has been recognised as they have been selected to chair an MUN. Supporting the aims of the club, it introduces its members to the political system of the Netherlands with a visit at the Dutch parliament and supporting activities on the formation of a coalition government.

The MUN Club has a president and vice presidents enabling students take responsibility and develop their leadership skills. The president and vice presidents are being elected every year and their role entails specific tasks.


You can always follow MUN club on instagram: @ishmun2020

The Club has two MUN directors:

Mr Yanis Skarvelis

Mr Phelie Maguire