Student assessment within the MYP consists of two types, each with a specific function:

  • Formative assessment is used to judge periodically the progress and efforts of studies and to see to what extent the objectives have been achieved.
  • Summative assessment takes place regularly and shows the final achievement of the individual student in relation to specific objectives.​

MYP assessment, whether formative or summative is carried out using assessment criteria established by the International Baccalaureate. In addition, the overall standard is externally validated through the IB in areas such as the Personal Project.


​Admission to the Diploma Programme

At the end of the MYP, students can apply for entrance to the Diploma Programme. Based on their academic results and proven ambition in the MYP, the school will decide on admittance to the Diploma Programme and help the student to choose a subject package that supports his or her career perspective.