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It was a day of all seasons. Our Owls ran in the sun, the rain and some even had to brave running in the hail! Thankfully, the musicans who provided live music along the route helped us to ignore the conditions and just keep running and smiling. What a great way to spend a Sunday and congratulations to our students, teachers, staff and parents who ran this year's 2022 Hilversum City Run. 


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The Hilversum City Run is the largest sporting event in the Gooi area. After two years on hold how wonderful it is to have our local runing event back. Our runners run through familiar streets and are cheered along the way by familiar faces. It was brilliant to have much ISH support along the way.

Unfortunately our resident run coach/Iron woman Ms. Heterbrij wasn't able to be there, but she was super excited to follow the race results and wanted to make special mention to two of her most dedicated running club students. Caterina Lupo from Is7d who is the youngest member of the running team and Anna Fleischmann Is9b who has not missed a single training since September 2021 and Now that is commitment. Bravo. Caterina ran the 5k in 26:26 and Anna the 10k in 49:43. Inspirational running girls! 

We asked Anna and Catarina to write a little about their experience with run club for us ... 




"I joined Run Club because I was already running on my own, and I thought it would help me improve and meet new people. It did help me improve and I was quite tired after each training. I also thought they were fun because we did something different each training. Ms. Hetebrij helped us improve by challenging us, teaching us strategies, and having extra trainings for those who wanted when we were getting close to the Hilversum City Run time.

I was nervous for the Hilversum City Run since I hadn’t run a race in while. During the run it hailed, but I was with my friends, and we helped motivate each other. But other than that, I found the run fun, and it was interesting to see my results. I like running because I can set goals for myself, and I can challenge myself. It also helps give me a break to think if I’m stressed, and it helps me feel more relaxed afterwards."





"When I tell people I run, everyone always asks, “How can you like running? I hate it”. Always. People aren’t very original. Anyway, I love running because it takes you away from your own problems and world and you can just run and breathe. Run and breathe. You can focus on the struggle to keep on putting that foot in front of the other rather than all other struggles that occupy your mind. It acts as meditation for me. If this is not enough, think of the satisfaction you have after your run. It’s amazing. It’s addicting. But running is not always good.

It’s not a secret that many girls my age face the problem of body insecurity. I do too. Running has allowed me to feel so much better about my body and my lifestyle, but its addicting. Whenever I feel insecure, I go for a run, and I feel better. But then the next day I have the same insecurity and go for another run. Even if I really don’t want to run, I run. It’s hard to break away from pattern.

Some people say running is like breathing. But no, for me running is breathing."

Ms. Heterbrij will continue training with the run club during term three. Did you know this can count for your SaA or CAS (activity) if you attended at least three times? And aside from that you get fit, feel better and maybe you'll meet some new people at the same time.

All the details can br found on the the ISH Community Service page.  

You can also emails Ms. Hetebrij for the details and with questions: e.hetebrij@atscholen.nl

We can't promise that you won't get addicted!


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