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Saving Endangered Animals - Grade 6 Style.

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Listen here as Amara introduces our grade 6 project and the World Education Foundation:


To our dear ISH community, 

 Our class IS6a is doing a project for our mentor class. This project has to do with saving animals that are endangered and other animals that are in need of shelter, food and more. Our class went to a website named the World Animal Foundation; on the website our class chose 1 to 3 animals to donate to. To do this our class made groups to convince people about the risks that each animal is taking. Our class needs your help to make sure that the animals are safe. 

One of our ideas were asking parents for help. Do any of you know how many whales and dolphins are killed each year? An estimated 300,000. And did you know that there are less than 4000 tigers left on the whole planet? This is because of habitat loss, illegal poaching and even hunting for fun. If you thought that that was low, there is less than 2000 Pandas on earth. This is for the same reason but for pandas they lose their habitats they also lose the bamboo that they eat. 

Each animal is suffering the second you read this. Each animal costs 40 Euros and our class needs your help to donate as much as you can. You can bring donations to grade 6 in B4 or to Ms Medjedovic.  


Best regards, 

Grade IS6a.


Save the Pangolins:

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Help the Pandas:

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Save the Fairy Penguins: