12 Students of ISH represented the Dominican Republic at The Hauge International Model United Nation (THIMUN) conference this past week. We are whole heartedly appreciative for the THIMUN Foundation for putting together this prodigious event. THIMUN maintained a high standard of professionalism and diplomacy that elevated each and every one of us as delegates as well as people.

A total of 3500 delegates attended this well-coordinated event. The ambience was filled with interactions between delegates from all over the world and us international students felt right at home. Languages were recognized, familiar accents were heard, and divergent perspectives were exchanged on a large scale at this conference.


            “I made friends from all over the world during this conference,” shared Nour Lotfy of IS9, “I am really thankful for the friends I made at THIMUN. I will stay in touch for sure.”

            The opening ceremony took place at the King WIllem Alexander Compact of the World Forum, it is the largest auditorium in the Netherlands seating up to 2,161 people. After the President of the General Assembly’s welcome and reading of the UN charter Preamble, a number of meaningful speeches followed. One that especially struck was the one Mr. Mayor Jan Van Zanen.

“If you can make it here at the Hague, you can make it anywhere in the world.”

 Furthermore, the Secretary General, related his opening speech to Newton’s 3rd Law, expression that just like every action has an equal an opposite reaction, our work at THIMUN is sure make a significant impact.

 thimun 2

            To go with the theme of Peace, Law and Justice, Mr. Osvaldo Zavala Giler, Registrar of the ICC spoke of the History of International Criminal Handling, and mentioned the International Criminal Tribunal of Former Yugoslavia and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

            Professor Geert-Jan Knoops, an International Criminal Lawyer and Lead Counsel of ICC spoke about the role of defense team in the ICC. The speech was purposeful as we learnt how the prosecution of individuals happen in international court.

            Later some ISH delegates took at visit to the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia located closely by the World Forum. They also visited the International Court of Justice. The majestic building was a breath-taking sight to see in The Hague.

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In the days of debate that followed, lobbying happened, forming allies and bettering resolutions with the combination of multiple minds. Next came the debate which was a competitive procedure with up to 200 people in committees. Delegates carefully evaluated their countries stance based on persuasive speeches. By the end a total of 93 resolutions were passed at THIMUN.

            Congratulations to all delegates for their participation with either a speech, resolution, amendment, point of information or simply undivided focus and engagement in debate. Our delegates bettered their understanding over a range or world topics and how different nation perceive them. It was all about collaboration and finding actions that worked for everyone to make a change. Aral Altun of IS9 main submitted a resolution in Sustainable Development Committee 2, about Ensuring access to adequate and affordable housing for all.

“THIMUN was a great opportunity where I could express myself confidently. It was by far, the most incredible MUN I have ever joined,” Aral said.

The closing ceremony touched our hearts hearing the stories of how far members of the secretariat have come. After the flag bearing and the official hit of the gravel, a most talented musical group played as all delegates got up from their seats and celebrated the end of the tiresome 4 days. The expectation for discipline and formality was lightened and it was a moment of pure joy. Final goodbyes were said, others said see you later, many were inspired, and everyone was certain to miss THIIMUN.

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Among all those schools in the world, us delates are incredibly proud to be students of ISH; for taking part in this prestigious conference. It was an absolute honor to be all that international talent. Special appreciation to Mr. Skarvelis, for directing and guiding our experience.

Written By: Anushka Seth