ISH students had a busy weekend over the 5-7th of April as they participated in HMUN of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem. The conference was truly unique with the way they hosted the event all over the charming city. In this conference, the ISH team had a balance of delegates of different levels of experience.  Overall, the food, weather, and hospitality all made it a fun and productive weekend.

hmun2024 1

ISH group at HMUN

22 students from ISH went to HMUN. We continue to encourage Grade 9 students to involve themselves in MUN. There were also a few first-time delegates, one of who was even an ambassador. Although an extra role, she inquired about the respective requirements to fulfill her duties.

At HMUN, a new arrangement of double delegation was introduced to many delegates. Congratulations to Stanislaw Borkowski and Johan Zijderveld for being awarded Best Delegation in the Security Council. Their collaboration, participation, expression, and insight were certainly recognized.

Security Council was held in the Haarlem city hall, BRICS has held in the Avila Travel Agency, and Lutheran Church Haarlem hosted UNEP. These locations were carefully chosen to enhance the spirit of the conference. They were easy to get to as they were a short walking distance from the school which was the main location.

The Opening and Closing Ceremony happened in the Saint-Bavo Church Haarlem. Here, the Secretary Generals made speeches, Guest speaker and alumni of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, Mr. Geoffrey van Leeuwen spoke of his experience of Dutch Ambassador in Afghanistan, and an incredible instrumental of Hallelujah was played on the Mullet Organ, that dates to when the Mozart had played it.

hmun2024 2

HMUN opening ceremony at St. Bavo Church Haarlem with Mullet Organ


The General Assembly plenary was held in Teyler’s Museum on Sunday the 7th of April. Here the GA committees exchanged their collaborative findings on their issues.

“It was a beautiful location, and it was great to hear what all the other group had been talking about over the weekend”, said Jody Gielen, Ambassador of South Sudan in the first Committee of the General Assembly.

She liked that she got to contribute to issues of a different variation as a single GA committee can be focused on similar issues.

Debate was intense in all the committees and the global issues at hand were presented with representations of all opinions.

 “The debate of UNHCR brought me so much insight on the situation and living conditions of refugees that many may not be aware of,” Jemma Hambides said, “In debate, there was laughter and friendship built, yet all the delegates were able to work together and come up with resolutions to make best of the situations we are given.”

That about sums up the beauty of MUN. Much of what is remembered is the friends that were made. For experienced delegates, it starts to feel like a community, coming across familiar faces and catching up on each other.

We had warm lunches, that were delicious in addition to their sustainable approach of vegetarian meals. Delegates were also treated with ice-cream that was just perfect on the sunny Saturday. Team ISH much appreciates the Organizing committee and Secretariat of HMUN for putting together this conference.


Written By: Anushka Seth