On the 18th of March we gathered at ‘t Laapersveld to go on a five-day trip to Berlin with grade 8. The students (and teachers) were ready for a week filled with cultural and recreational activities. After a long bus trip we first stopped at the Reichstag, a landmark that we will see more often, this week. Time to take a group picture and to have a look at the Brandenburger Tor. Next stop: the hostels! Grade 8 was divided in 2 groups, and we both had our own program for the week.


Our group started the first day with a graffiti workshop. This gave them a chance to experience a very present form of art in Berlin. First they learned the basics and then it was time to fiddle around with the spray cans, creating some impressive pieces of art! After that it was time for a completely different part of Berlin’s history; the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It is an intimidating camp where we spent a few hours and via audio tours learned about life in the camp and about the different kind of barracks. In the bus there was time to reflect on what we’ve seen as we were on our way to our restaurant, called Sixties Diner. We enjoyed the burgers and other typical American food and ended the day with an hour of glow in the dark golf!


On Wednesday morning the weather was lovely. This was nice, because the Escape The City Tour app didn’t always work, leading to some frustration. The other group was able to attend an amazing lunch concert in the Berlin Philharmoniker, whilst we were on our way to our Berlin on Bike tour. the sun was still shining and we saw many of the impressive buildings of Berlin. The roads in Berlin are very bike friendly (much better than for example Amsterdam) and we got to see a lot in just over 2 hours. In the evening it was time for the highlight of the week for many students; the Blue Man group! Both groups were here together and enjoyed this spectacular show!


On our last full day in Berlin our group went to the Berlin Philharmoniker, where we learned about the architecture of the building and how they built everything to create the best sound inside. It is an impressive building! Next up: Sanssouci Palace. First we discovered the gardens and the massive premises, after that it was time to have a look inside. Then, back in the bus and time to pack our bags for our drive back tomorrow!

We had a very enjoyable trip and did not just enjoy the city Berlin, but also the positive attitude of our students!

Written By:  Mr. Nico Cramer