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 A note from Niharika about last week ....


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Grade 5 camp was a very memorable experience for all grade 5 students. We stayed at the StayOkay hostel in Egmont for 2 nights and 3 days. Everybody was so excited to see what adventures were in store. Most things were a surprise.

We came there and explored, before hopping on the hostel’s bikes and going to the beach. We were catching fish, and we eventually caught shrimp, species of fish and crabs. Everybody was also later allowed to swim in the North Sea. Everybody was fascinated to see the wonders of the ocean…However tired. Travelling back home and having dinner, fun drawing on T-shirt activities, a marshmallow roast and a stylish pajama fashion show was fun for all the students, as everybody went to bed.




The next day everybody was surprised with a parkour and swimming in Alkmaar. Everybody was guided through fun activities, some water ones as well. We played fun games, had a wild evening disco-party, an intense bingo game and some ice-cream after swimming, a train of fun events.

On Wednesday everybody went for a treasure hunt in the dunes…wet and tired from camp. It was such a lovely experience for everyone, an amazing memory. 

Written by: Niharika - grade 5.


pyjama fashion show