Adding Art with Science to generate: STEAM. 
The integrating of disciplines means combining traditional STEM subjects like science, technology and engineering and mathematics with ART. Art can be thought of in the broadest possible sense including painting, photography, music, dance etc. Projects allow students to learn and improve by "doing". Here project development does not follow a typical straight line but rather grows organically influenced by emerging new ideas, sparks of imagination and resource management. Students are encouraged to be cooperative, flexible, adaptable and open to change. The emphasis is on what you can learn from the journey rather than the end result. 
Tinkering, trying, tweaking and testing. Together!
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STEAM at ISHilversum means:
  • Challenges that encourage creative problem solving;
  • An integration of disciplines to promote connections;
  • Encouraging taking thoughtful risks through doing (tinkering);
  • Fostering collaboration


A Staircase Piano