The recently established Makerspace project at ISHilversum aims to provide students with a platform to learn various skills through making, breaking and hacking. Students participate in short-term and long-term projects to enhance their skills in the following areas:

  • Coding (scratch, python, web development);
  • Gadgets (Makey-Makey, Raspberry-PI, Arduino, etc.);
  • Printing and design (Laser-cutting, 3D-Printing, etc.);
  • Media Creation (green screen, stop motion, digital storytelling, etc.);
  • Virtual Reality (Unity).

The projects are inspired by Seymour Papert's 8 big ideas of Maker Centered Education. In its current form, the students work under teacher’s supervision. The long-term goal of Makerspace is to give greater autonomy to students so that it is run mainly by the students with little to no supervision.

A Staircase Piano built as a large-scale sample of a Makerspace project.