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She loves Amsterdam for its welcoming and vibrant energy and we love our Ms. Medjedovic for her welcoming and vibrant energy! If you encounter Ms. Medjedovic in your day you'll know what we're talking about. Currently, Ms. Medjedovic is our head of science and she also mentors our delightful grade 6 class. Previously, she guided our MYP students in Service as Action as the coordinator of this program.


Vamos começar (let's begin) ...


Ms. Medjedovic, tell us, what brought you to The Netherlands?

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"I came for love. I met my husband here while on my Eurotrip (11 countries in 40 days ;) and we were long-distance for a year. I actually met him on my last day here! Then we got married and I moved in."


❤️ Awww so your story of moving here is a love story! ❤️ 


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Now we know the best personal decison you've ever made, what is the best professional decision you've ever made?


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"Staying at ISH. I started here as a replacement for a Lab Technician who was on leave. I had a chance to work as a teacher in other schools, but I decided to stay here. I always loved the atmosphere, the students, the colleagues here."


Have you lived in any other countries?


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"I have only lived in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, and now in the Netherlands for 6 years. I was in a brief exchange program for my PhD in Germany, but that only lasted 4 months."


What do you miss the most about Brazil?


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"I miss my family and my friends so much. We used to spend all weekends together, enjoying the good weather with good food and good music. Oh, I also miss the food so much! The good thing is that I can always find Brazilian food here, or I can make it myself! My family and friends here really enjoy when I get inspired to cook Brazilian dishes."


If we came to dinner what would a classic Brazilian dish be?


"I usually either cook 'Picanha', a very tasty beef cut, with Farofa (I make it with fried almond flour and garlic, or bacon and carrots) and Vinagrete (onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, coriander, chopped really small in olive oil and vinegar). Or Fish Moqueca (a nice fish stew with palm oil and coconut milk)." 


And what Brazilian music would we be listening to?


"Oh wow, that's a difficult one. I'm into MPB*. I love especially Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque. I guess I could say 'Qualquer Coisa', from Caetano, is in my top 10."


*MPB - Música popular brasileira or is a trend in post-bossa nova urban popular music in Brazil that revisits typical Brazilian styles such as samba


So you've been in The Netherlands for 6 years, what do you love about living here?


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"I love living in the Netherlands, first of all, because it makes me feel safe. Also, it's fascinating that everyone comes from the most varied places. I find this cultural mix so enrichening. And the energy! From the first time I landed here, I've always thought that Amsterdam especially has this vibrant energy that is very welcoming." 


We can see how Amsterdam suits you! You're exactly that - welcoming, vibrant energy in our hallways and classrooms.


Where did you study and what did you study?


"I studied Biology in a city close to Sao Paulo called Sorocaba. This city is famous for having the best coxinha ever. Coxinha is a Brazilian snack made of fried dough and filled with chicken. It’s delicious!"

 What were you deing before ISH?


"Before coming to ISH I was working in Brazil in a couple of bilingual school in Sao Paulo. I used to teach everything! Like Sciences, of course, but also English Language, Social Studies and even Math for the middle school. I was also a private tutor and Business English teacher for adults."


Do you remember the exact moment you decided to become a teacher?


"Teaching kind of happened to me. Even though I have a teaching degree, I initially considered becoming a researcher. But when I was a post-grad student, I’d have to assist my professor and I really enjoyed. I started flirting with the idea and made a career change. It has been very rewarding!"


We often hear about teachers finding teaching rewarding! Can you tell us what you enjoy the most?


"I love the a-ha moments. When a student is looking at a cell under the microscope and finds it fascinating, a whole new world is discovered. I love being there, next to them, and watch them make those discoveries, and become more aware of how everything is connected."


LOL! Spoken like a true biology teacher, everything is connected ;)


What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?


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"The usual, ballerina, astronaut, vet, doctor, teacher. I even considered becoming a police officer or firefighter!"


What are some of the most interesting things about you that we wouldn´t learn from your resume alone? 


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"Even though I love Sciences, I am also very into arts. I danced ballet and flamenco for many years. Not to mention samba! I love dancing! I also took singing lessons. I wish I had a talent to pursue this as a career, but I guess that won’t be happening in this lifetime. I do still sing in the shower, and I love that (my neighbors might disagree).  Oh, I am also a tarot reader."


Maybe it's not too late! The 'ISH got talent' show is still on the school calendar. 


If you had to choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you choose and why? 


"Hmmmm That’s a difficult one. I’d be torn between Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) and Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses)."


We're intrigued by diverse interests and talents. What a curious life you lead. Another BIG question for you - is there something that stands our that has changed your life?


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"Yes, having a child. My daughter has really showed me what unconditional love and surrender are. She is the joy of my life. I love watching her grow into a caring independent strong person."


We have no doubt under your influence she is growing in to just that! Wondering ... what were you like in high school?


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"I was very shy! I think I am still shy and introvert, but I am now better at interacting with people. But in high school it was terrifying to make presentations. I was a good student though."


And because our lovely students are always reading here we always ask ... what advice would you give your high school self?


"You are beautiful, you are loved, you are strong, you are enough. (This is what I say to my daughter.)"


Ms. Medjedovic! How absolutely wonderful it is to know you a little more. What curious life you live. Somehow, it feels like we've only touched the surface. We're happy you love The Netherlands and ISH life and living your BEST life! Thank you for sharing a little of yourself and your life with us and we do hope that your passion for dancing will one day bring the flamingo or the salsa to our stage. ;)


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