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As part of their unit inquiry into water our grade 4's had a fun filled learning adventure at The Nederlands Watermuseum in Arnhem. It's always a pleasure to read how our students have reflected on their experiences, they are the best at writing their own stories.

We hope you enjoy reading along too ...


The Nederlands Watermuseum

By Josey and Shree

The Bus Trip

On the bus ride to the Water Museum, I sat next to Michael. It took so long to get there, but it was worth it. The kind guy who greeted us at the door was named Alex. (Josey)

On Friday, we went to a water museum in Arnhem. We went there by bus. We were supposed to leave by 8:30 but because of traffic we left at 8:50. It took us 1:30 hours to go there. There was a lady who told us that the building the museum is in is over 600 years old. (Shree)

The Experiments

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When we reached the museum, we split up in 2 groups, group 1 and group 2. We did three experiments in a laboratory. The first one was making a Dutch flag. It was super cool! Next, we did an experiment with cabbage, water, and chemicals. It was a bit confusing, but fun! Lastly, we made an egg float using red cabbage juice, baking soda and a special substance. (Shree)

After that, we went back downstairs to do some experiments. Clara and I were a team. There were three experiments that we could do. It was really complicated, but we ended up doing all three. My favorite one was making the Dutch flag. When you shake it, the oil separates itself from the rest of the materials. (Josey)

The Flood Game

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When we got in the Water Museum, we got divided into two groups. Our group went into the attic to play a little game. We collected five cards with something on it that we would need to survive a flood. I learned that water is the most important thing to take with you. (Josey)

When we were finished with the first activity, we went upstairs and played a game about what we need to survive a flood. It was kind of funny, because I told Jimmy to get food but he did not know where the food was. We could only get 5 things. I learned that most parts of the Netherlands should be underwater and that water is the most important thing to survive a flood. (Shree)

Ball Game

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Then, we had snack and did a ball game. You would get put in teams. My team was Yujoon, Elissa and myself. You would be given a ball with a number on it. Your team would have to go to the station with that same number on the ball.  You would learn about water and related topics. When you’re finished, you went back to Alex, and if you could answer his question, he gives you another ball. (Josey)

Next a guy named Alex gave us a ball and we had to find the specific place. It was depended on the number on the ball. There was a scary man who was bathing an elephant. I always thought he was a real person because he was sitting in that kind of a position. It was very very fun. (Shree)

Wow! It sounds like you all had a great day at school today. Thank you Josey and Shree for sharing your reflections with us and taking us along on your excursion. 

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