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The Sustainability Festival has been an annual tradition at our school for the past four years. Its goal is to spread awareness on the causes and effects of climate change and evaluate systematic solutions to inspire students to take action now and in their future. This year's Sustainability Festival followed the theme Global Politics, thus, students looked at climate change on a greater scale than before. The focus was the understanding of the decisions that needed to be made on an international scale, far beyond individual action. To involve and incentivise as many students as possible, workshops were given to but also led by students at school. This way we create an environment where students learn from each other, where the future generation is in charge of the choices and changes we make. This year has by far been the most successful, with inspiring and educative workshop working in harmony with fun lunch time activities. To celebrate the day the WWF came by, there was live music to enjoy, strawberries from stall and to stay on theme, vegetarian burgers to once again show us the small changes we can make. All in all, the day was a great success, and an amazing chance to inspire and call on youth for action.


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Written by Elles de Vreede (DP1)

Co-chair ISH Sustainability Committee