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 Purple Friday!

After a hugely successful and creative celebration of Purple Friday we caught up with our Rainbow Alliance for a debrief of the day! With pleasure we share this below ...
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Can you tell us ... what is Purple Friday?

It is an annual event that started in 2010, during which we wear the color purple [symbolic of strength, power, and transformation] to show our firm support in the community, acknowledge how far the LGBTQ+ community has come, and advocate for further change in the upcoming years.

It certainly was buzzing about school this year! How did it compare to past years?

The Rainbow Alliance is proud to announce that this year, we had the most successful purple Friday yet. We’ve heard a lot of feedback about how it was the most memorable and interesting so far.

Our key to success? Putting up with more planning and manual labor than we ever anticipated. This year, we had put effort into making personalized posters to ensure the advertisement of purple Friday didn’t go unnoticed and had a special touch to it. 

poster on walls

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For our stand, we were selling many things...

  • Pronoun earrings to spread awareness about the de-stigmatization of asking someone for their proffered pronouns
  • Sexuality bracelets made by one of our Rainbow Alliance members LGBTQ+ clothing pins with as many flags as we could get, including the ally
  • And we had self-designed, hand-cut pride stickers with two discrete designs. So those who couldn’t explicitly show they support/are part of the LGBTQ+ community due to safety, could still have a subtle way to bring their support across. These were given out for free!
  • We had extra paint rollers this year of different pride flags, which allowed us more variety and inclusive this year in the options we gave students. 


pf earrings pf badge making   pf ice cream stickers    pf face paint 2

And this year's theme ...

As the theme of this year’s Purple Friday was stories, we put extra effort into an office forms website and distributed the QR code of it around the school to give people a safe space to tell their stories anonymously! These were printed and hung by our stand in school and will be going on to our personal website that is still in the works.  

All in all ... 

We had an amazing time preparing all this, and it was so much fun seeing how many students this year stood with us and celebrated. We couldn’t have done it without the endless support from the school, we thank each and every single contributor and participant of the event!

Peace and Love,

The Rainbow Alliance 


What to know more? Where to now ...

If you want to learn more about our rainbow alliance you can follow them via the following social media below or have a listen to the time they sat down for OwlTalk. 

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