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This time they went to The Hague! On the 4th of November to the 6th of November, 28 delegates from the International School of Hilversum attended the Model United Nations of the International School of the Hague (MUNISH). The delegates represented countries in a variety of committees ranging from the General Assembly 1 (GA1) to International Court of Justice (ICJ) to the Futuristic United Nations Security Council (FUNSC). During the three days, the delegates debated on real life issues, and put themselves in the shoes of a specific countries standpoint to develop exquisite resolutions. Even two of our DP2 students, Enya and Cleo had the honor to be Deputy Chairs of GA4 and ICJ. This illustrates how far the MUN journey can take you on. Cleo, deputy chair of the ICJ, states:

“Chairing at one of the most prestigious conferences in the Netherlands was an unforgettable experience. Even though I faced challenges, and made mistakes, I was able to overcome them, and this strengthened my confidence as a deputy chair.”  


The theme of MUNISH this year was “Multilateral Cooperation: The Path Towards Peace and Justice.” International cooperation is vital to achieve peace. This is theme is most significant as ever due to the situation in Ukraine, and many countries are still lacking peace and justice. Thus, youthful, and open-minded delegates gathering gives hope to our future generation that peace will be achieved across the globe. The Security Council and the Advisory Panel on the question of Venezuela dive into this theme deeply this year.

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This conference was also the last one for the DP2 MUN members and on behalf of the MUN presidency we would like to wish them good luck in everything and anything they do in the future. They have contributed immensely to making what the ISH MUN club is today and their presence is noted. We also had many first-time delegates, and this is what they had to say about the new challenges and experiences they faced throughout MUNISH:

“My experience at MUNISH was extravagant, so large and so great I could not have imagined it. As a first-time delegate I was scared by the largeness of the committee I was in, but I was destined to be a great speaker in GA3 and made my case for Finland!”

“MUN is such a great experience. Getting to know new people and try new things was very rewarding for all”

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We would finally like to thank our MUN Directors for taking such good care of us and their efforts of waking up early at times where they don’t need to. Their dedication and effort is truly a spectacle to marvel at and this experience would not be possible without their work and toil. We hope you too are inspired by this article to join such a fun yet educational experience where you can add to your skills and face new challenges and possible fears.

Written by: Cleo and Rishi