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The Grade 5 Exhibition 

After a big ten weeks of hard, diligent and focussed work our grade 5 students proudly presented their exhibition. The primary years program (PYP) exhibition is a core component of the IB PYP program and is the culmination a huge amount of creativity, work and research. It involves inquiring, group collaboration, action and a presentation. Our students eagerly presented their projects to fellow students, parents, members of staff and the school leadership team.  

The exhibition demonstrated intensive research, thinking about, and applying their approaches to learning skills (ATLs), doing surveys, following lists of criteria, reflections, making art, cooperating and problem solving in their groups, making their final display boards and rehearsing their presentations. The projects were based around a central idea and this year, once again the projects were interesting and varied! 

Human action effects endangered mammals

  miraculous mammels

Sport helps us stay physically and mentally balanced  


The chocolate industry effects the planet in different ways  

chocolate industry

Technology has an influence on our daily lives  


Many species are being driven to extinction  

exploring extinction

Viruses affect our world in various ways  


Japanese culture influences the world for different reasons  

japanese culture

Our students were nervous, but we're proud of how confidently they presented all they had learnt. Our visitors were superbly impressed, and they too learnt a lot!

Overall, the whole exhibition process gave the students multiple opportunities for learning and a valuable practice for moving on to the MYP program.  

Well done to Grade 5! 

Reflections from our students:  

About ATL:  

‘I have used organization skills when putting things on my board and when talking about my inquiries.’ -Blanka  

‘I used collaboration skills because I made decisions with my group.’ -Ed  

‘I used social skills in the exhibition by working out problems and talking and sharing ideas.’ -James  

About what they learned:  

‘I learnt that sport and exercise isn’t only for fun’ -James  

‘I think the exhibition was a huge win, we got a lot done and we also now know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are.’ -Ed  

‘I learned a lot during our presentation. Including many fun facts. We focused a lot on the lines of inquiries. And for each line of inquiry we made about 10 sub questions that we later fit into pairs. We made it our goal to know everything about our subject too, so we could answer questions.’ - Oishi  

This was great: 

‘My knowledge, presenting, the survey and interview’ -Ahana  

‘Having a lot of fun and learning more about animals’ -Clara  

‘Making the art was fun because I love art’ -Oishi  

‘The green screen’ -Diego  

‘Getting to know my group’ -Maya  

‘Presenting and learning all the information’ -Orla  

‘Finishing the exhibition’ -James  

‘Making the diorama’ -Eoin  

‘Art and research’ -Nihal  

‘Working on art together’ -Abby  

‘Board art’ -Dana  

‘Setting the boards up’ -Ed  

‘Getting all the information’ -Pratyush  

‘The presentations’ -Oliver  

‘Presenting’ -Lucas 

A BIG thank you to Ms. Wingelaar and Ms. Smith for all their above and beyond effort! Also, to all our teachers who were so supportive in their guidance and commitment in their capacity of supervisors of the students' projects.