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From 25th-26th March, selected International School Hilversum students as members of the MUN club actively participated in British School of Amsterdam’s 2-day event Model United Nations Conference (BSAMUN 2022). Delegates from 9:00 - 18:00 experienced challenging debates concerning formal disputes. This year MUN club members from ISH are representing the delegations of Afghanistan, Congo, Canada, Egypt and Kenya, participating in the Human Rights Council (HRC), ECOSOC, General Assembly 1 (GA1), Group of Twenty (G20) and the Security Council (SC). The Model United Nations conferences not only simulates the processes performed in official United Nations forums, but simultaneously to encourage global corporation and information exchange to investigate best solutions to most pressing global issues considering all nation’s outlooks.

The topics explored in each committee had strong focus and utilized the selected conference theme of “combatting world hunger and poverty in the imperfect world”, delegates also received a speech from the UK ambassador during the opening, and as BSAMUN is working in partnership with the charity organization “Heifer”, where Heifer’s representative came as guest speaker in the closing ceremony stated the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (2030), sustainable farming communities, and the challenges arisen to the low income farmers from COVID-19 pandemic. This drives the value in resolving poverty related issues to reduces the social inequality around the globe. Therefore, the delegates tackled a range of topics from addressing more social associated issues, such as the hunger crisis in Afghanistan, establishing protocols of food security in conflict zones, legalizations of marijuana and drug related crimes in ECOSOC and GA1 to more economical and technological sectors, such as the regulation of cryptocurrencies in G20, discussing use of biological weaponry in Security council.

Despite how the majority of selected delegates considered BSAMUN to be their first MUN conference experience and had large pressure representing the stances of recognized member states, our delegates managed to submit resolutions, addressing points of information, generally maintain the respectful formal environment of the conference dynamics and able to consistently co-operate in amending opposing nation’s solutions, which ultimately improves ATL writing and thinking skills on how to structure the argument in most optimal format possible for the solution to be communicated across accurately.

Lastly, special thanks to Mr. Skarvelis who has supervised the students during the whole 2-day event. Next conference the school will be joining is HMUN 2022, hosted in the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, taking place from 8th-10th April. Looking forward to seeing our 20 selected members as delegates. Additionally, congratulations to Enya Yuniarta DP1 and Cleo Beal DP1 who’ve been selected Deputy Presidents/chairs in General Assembly 4 and ICJ council in Haarlem. Another honourable mention to Riptiva Roy IS10, who’ve been selected in the challenging forum of Expert Committee (ExCom). We hope to see more students participating and involved in real current world issues again soon!

Down below are some insight on a few delegate’s MUN in-conference experience:

“I think MUN is a very valuable experience where you gain a more insightful perspective on the true positions and power distribution of the different nations of the world in global politics. It can be very eye opening from both a privileged and disadvantaged point of view. BSAMUN provided very diverse and relevant topics to debate upon, and it was very interesting to see all the standpoints that were brought to the table” – Riptiva Roy IS10 (Security Council, Kenya)

“BSAMUN was a great experience for beginner delegates and experienced ones! It allowed you to gain more confidence in public speaking due to the small scale of the conference, and allowed you to debate on real life situations which need to be solved in the present!” – Cleo Beal DP1 (Human Rights Council, Afghanistan)

And a message from one of the presidency members:

“Glad everyone enjoyed participating in last week’s conference! Very proud of our delegates, especially as BSAMUN were for the majority their first-time conference experience. We hope to welcome more members to the MUN Club and see more students not only being involved in current world issues, but also strengthen their diplomacy and critical thinking skills which always proves beneficial for anyone’s future”

– Enya Yuniarta DP1, Vice President of MUN Club (Group of Twenty, Canada)

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