For months, almost a year now, some bikes were left behind and they were standing all alone in the bicycle stand, during hot summer days, rainy autumn days and cold winter days. After several attempts we didn’t find the owner. As a Dutch citizen I couldn’t let these bikes stand outside without being used.

bike sale 3

After the CAS trip to Kenya, we decided that selling these bikes could be a great opportunity to collect some extra money and offer it to the schools where our students did volunteer work. The schools lacked materials that we consider normal in our school. The students will often get their only hot meal of the day at school so any donations made, will go towards building/renovating a kitchen, which is currently a shack at the end of the field. Any money left over will be spend to art and sport supplies. 

bike sale 1

So, we are very happy that we were able to sell the bikes, and we can help the schools even after the trip of our DP1 students.

The bike sale made another parent decide to donate money to this charity, which she collected during the celebration of her 50th birthday. We think this is such a great initiative that we wanted to mention it in this message. She donated another €500!

bike sale 2

We want to say a big thank you to all parents who helped this charity by buying a bike or donating money. We are sure that the money will be spend well by our colleagues in Kenya.

Written By: Mr. Michael van Brummelen