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As I write this article the feeling of absolute victory has still not sunk in. The weekend feels like a hazy dream and a dream that the ISH MUN Club has been hoping to achieve for more than 5 years. For those who are unaware of the MUN club’s recent achievement, at this year’s LMUNA 2022, the International School Hilversum has been named the best school in the entire conference and this is not a mere feat. This is something that we as the MUN Presidents have been striving for and our preparation and the work done by all our MUN directors have helped in preparing our students to face the best of the best at the MUN Conferences.

For context, there were roughly 12 committees at this year’s LMUNA conference and we had won best delegate in 5 of those conferences. Before going into the conference, the MUN presidents would prepare the 24 delegates representing our school and show them what MUN was about and how they should work as the conference approaches. We, the MUN Presidents, made sure all our delegates were prepared, had their resolutions, their opening speeches and knew about the procedure. We hoped that we had not thrown them into the deep end and approached the conference with a very limited goal.

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This year’s conference would consist of mostly first time delegates and so we hadn’t really hoped for a huge success as we know from personal experience that it takes time to settle in and it isn't easy to excel at MUN on your first conference. However throughout the weekend we were pleasantly surprised with how rigorous everyone had been with their preparation and the dedication they showed in researching every topic. Our students had also been one of the only few who had prepared resolutions which gives more evidence of the time and effort they had been putting into their preparation. After seeing how well the first time delegates spoke, I brimmed with pride as it showed me that the hard work was paying off. Every delegate spoke or presented their resolution and no matter the adversity they faced they would boldly push through it and debate their way out of any difficult situation. Every day after the conference ended, all our delegates would share their stories with me and I would simply smile at their experiences.

This conference was an emotional one for everyone behind the scenes who has been waiting for our hard work to pay off and though our first time best delegates may not have understood the magnitude of their achievement, the MUN Club does and we would like to thank every single delegate as I personally saw how well they had prepared for the conference. I am a biased source but in my opinion every single one of our delegates deserve a best delegate award and your effort has paid off in creating a new reputation for the ISH.

We would like to thank our MUN directors for their dedication not only during the conference but throughout the tenure of the MUN Club. They deserve this victory more than any one of us and our appreciation cannot be measured in words. Finally, everyone behind the scenes who has helped delegates debate to their full potential and even if we may miss someone, your hard work does not go unappreciated and even if they may have left this school, this club and this achievement is owed to the past MUN presidents and vice-presidents. They paved the way for our club and we merely stand on the shoulders of these giants. Let this conference set a precedent for the ISH and let us strive to better ourselves. Let us celebrate today but fight again tomorrow.

Honorable quotes from delegates:

“At first I found it difficult to feel engaged with the conversations partly due to anxiety, but later on when a fellow delegate yielded the floor to me and I gave a speech I felt more comfortable.

Overall MUN has been a great educational trip for me where I grew in terms of public speaking and much more. I look forward to future conferences.”

“MUN was such a fun experience, I am so glad I joined and got to meet lots of new people from our school and other schools. I learned how to speak about topics of global importance and had a great time. I will definitely be coming to MUN again! “

Best Delegates:







Honorable Mention:

Siddharth as Deputy Chair of HSC

Written by:


(Co-President of MUN Club)


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