Quite a number of parents are actively involved in the International School Hilversum through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

The goals of the PTA are:

  • To represent the interests of students at the ISHilversum, and those of their parents or guardians;
  • To promote contact between parents.

PTA endeavours to reach these goals by:

  • Advising the parents’ representation of the ‘Deelmedezeggenschapsraad (DMR)’ of the ISHilversum;
  • Maintaining contact with the Leadership Team, in order to express the wishes and ideas of its members;
  • Organising meetings for parents, students and teachers.


The PTA aims to advise the parent representatives in the DMR and the Leadership Team. They provide a forum in which any relevant issues concerning students, parents and the school as a whole can be discussed, seeking appropriate solutions in consultation with all parties involved.

The PTA also organises social events and fundraising activities in school. It helps students and parents who recently moved to the Netherlands to feel at home, and to make friends, etc. The 'Welcome back to school BBQ' is a successful event on the yearly calendar, organised by the PTA. Each year, the PTA produces the ‘International Community Guide to Hilversum’. They produce this Guide to help new families to adjust to their new home as quickly as possible. It contains information, ideas and recommendations which both newcomers and established families can use.

If you have questions about any issue related to school, do not hesitate to make contact. If you have time and/or talents to share, and would like to be involved, please do join us. You are most welcome!

PTA Guide: https://datazine.nl/pta/

PTA email: PTAISH.board@gmail.com