For the Language of the Month celebration, we take a new language each month to be showcased. This gives us an opportunity to think about all the other languages in our community which are not routinely reflected in our curricula. The students in each language group help us provide a visual, auditory and gustatory experience! Each language is visible in bilingual posters throughout the school; there is music during the breaks; a quiz is created by the students to reflect their language and culture and, finally, there are tasty treats from each culture in the aula during lunchtime.

We encourage students to involve their parents and families to make this an initiative for the community!

Students can also take part in Language of the Month Celebrations as a part of Service as Action. For more details about the link between Service as Action and Languages, please see here.


September 2024 - Ukrainian
October 2024 - Aboriginal language
November 2024 - Finnish
December 2024 - Catalan 



September 2023: Afrikaans

October 2023: Spanish

November 2023: Postponed

December 2023: English - A Tudor Christmas

January 2024 - Hungarian 
February 2024 - Bengali 
March 2024 (St Patrick!) - Irish 
April 2024 - Dutch - King's Day
May 2024 - Korean
June 2024 - Italian 


September 2022: Farsi and Arabic

October 2022: Japanese

November 2022: Kiswahili

December 2022: German

January 2023: Tamil

Feburary 2023: Portuguese

March 2023: Maori

April 2023: Czech

May 2023: Polish

June 2023: Greek


March 2022: Ukrainian

April 2022: Turkish

May 2022: Hindi

June 2022: Cantonese and Mandarin