The Bilingual VWO Stream accommodates local Dutch students who leave Dutch primary education with a VWO advice. In addition, the student is a native Dutch speaker and is from the local community.

The Bilingual VWO Stream is taught in English for a large proportion of the time and Latin is taught as an extra challenge. The Middle Years Programme (MYP) has an emphasis on both collaboration and self-management skills. The challenge for young students in this type of education is demanding and does not suit all learners. Where the school deems it necessary, students who apply for the Bilingual VWO Stream may be invited for an interview with the school prior to acceptance.

To join the Bilingual VWO Stream any time other than the first year of secondary School, the student must meet the criteria above and currently be studying at a compatible level (including Latin). For a bilingual student to enter the Diploma Programme (DP), the successful completion of VWO 4 is a minimum requirement. The chosen higher-level subjects will need a minimum of a 7.5 grade on a scale of 1 to 10. In these cases, an intake interview is an essential part of the admissions process. For students already attending the ISHilversum, a successful completion of Grade 10 is required that meets the requirements stated in the school’s Promotional Guidelines Policy.

The number of students in the Bilingual VWO Stream for the school year is limited as a result of the school's limited capacity. In the event we are unable to accommodate all suitable applications, student placement is dependent on the outcome of a type of lottery, known in The Netherlands as 'doorloting'.

In the event we are unable to offer students a place at the ISHilversum, students will automatically be placed in the Bilingual MYP programme at Laar & Berg in Laren. Parents/legal guardians are then free to decide whether to take up this offer.



Amongst other things, students are placed according to their age. Exceptions to this rule are rarely made and only upon careful evaluation of the applicant by the admissions team.

age requirements



Bilingual VWO Stream students generally join the school in the first year of secondary (i.e. Grade 7, typically aged 12). The application procedure follows the regular application pattern of all schools in the region, including the completion of registration by a certain time (usually in March).

The enrolment procedure for parents/legal guardians of Bilingual VWO Stream students is as follows:

  1. All applications are made online through “Open Apply”. Beforehand, Bilingual VWO Students have the opportunity to visit the school during the Open Day and/or an additional Open ‘Les Middag’;
  2. Initial enrolment is by means of an Application Form on “Open Apply” and does not guarantee a place at ISHilversum;
  3. Parents/legal guardians need to upload the official advice (VWO) from the primary school, together with a valid copy of the applicant’s passport or ID card;
  4. Where the school deems it necessary, students who apply for the Bilingual VWO Stream may be invited for an interview with the school prior to acceptance;
  5. After acceptance, parents/legal guardians will receive an invoice for payment of tuition according to the current fee structure.

In some years it is possible that the school will need to run a process known as a ‘’doorloting’’.