Cycle 1

Kindergarten 1

Who we are Sharing the planet
How we express ourselves Where we are in place & time How we organise ourselves
Title: All about me ​Title: The forest Title: Acting out! ​Title: What will I wear today? Title: Taking a trip
Central idea: Every day I learn more about who I am, what I can do and the people around me ​Central idea: The forest is home to many different plants and animals Central idea: We can express ourselves in a variety of ways ​Central idea: The country I live in affects the clothes I wear Central idea: Organising a trip requires planning and working together
An inquiry into: who am I, my physical characteristics, who is special to me, how I am growing and changing, what I can do ​An inquiry into: what is a forest, where are the forests, animals living in the forest,  our responsibility towards the forest An inquiry into:
how people use verbal and non-verbal forms of expression, how we can express ourselves using stories, drawings, songs, dance, body and facial language, thinking about our emotions
​An inquiry into:
the kind of clothes we wear, how weather affects the clothes we wear, how different situations require different clothes, traditional costumes and uniforms
An inquiry into:
where do we want to go? When is the best time to go? How are we going to get there? What will we need to take with us? What will we see and do?

Kindergarten 2

Who we are Where we are in place & time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organise ourselves Sharing the planet
Title: Am I safe? Title: Homes and houses Title: Once upon a time

Title: Growing things Title: Left overs Title: Fearsome and fascinating
Central idea: We make important choices in order to be safe Central idea: 
Homes have always been essential to human beings and animals
Central idea:
Traditional tales tell a story that often express feelings, beliefs and values
Central idea: Plants/seeds have certain needs in order to stay healthy Central idea: Many foods need to be transported and/or processed before they reach us Central idea: Invertebrates are important to the environment
An inquiry into: safety inside and outside school, how to handle strangers, people who keep us safe, ways to get help An inquiry into: what a home is, how people choose their home, how homes are similar and different, why and how homes change An inquiry into:
what traditional tales are, how traditional tales express beliefs and values, how traditional tales express feelings
An inquiry into: what a plant/seed needs to be able to grow, the connection between light, water and growth, how to grow plants/vegetables in a garden An inquiry into:the food we eat and where it comes from, the changes and processes that some foods undergo before they get to us, how the food gets from its original state to us An inquiry into: different types of invertebrates, how invertebrates affect their environment, why invertebrates are important, the life cycle of invertebrates

Grade 1/2

Who we are Where we are in place & time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organise ourselves Sharing the planet
Title: You're my hero! Title: Far and beyond Title: Art attack!​
Title: To light or not to light Title: We've got mail Title: Something in the air
Central idea: Anyone can be a hero Central idea: People choose to explore different places for various reasons Central idea:
Visual artists manipulate a variety of tools and materials to express themselves
Central idea: Light is a source of energy which helps us see the world around us Central idea: We communicate with each other through different ways and systems Central idea: Air is one of the essential resources for life on earth
An inquiry into: the characteristics of heroes, the importance of heroes, the impact that we can have on others, recognising qualities of ourselves An inquiry into: What exploration is, why people explore and explored, what I can explore, the effects of exploration An inquiry into:
what a visual artist is, the variety of tools and materials artists use, how we can express ourselves through visual art
An inquiry into: The uses and importance of light, the nature of light, sources of light An inquiry into: How electricity has changed our methods of communication, the changes in our lives due to various forms of communication, a comparison between the old and new ways of communicating An inquiry into: The properties of air, the uses of air by humans, animals and plants, the importance of air

​Grade 3/4

Who we are Where we are in place & time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organise ourselves Sharing the planet
Title: I believe Title: Were they civilized? And are we? Title: The language of music Title: Crash! Boom! Bang! Title: Bits and bytes Title: Water for life
Central idea: Expressions of beliefs are all around us Central idea: Many systems of past civilizations are linked to societies of the present day Central idea:
People can express tehmselves and experience a variety of emotions through the language of music
Central idea: Natural forces affect the surface of the earth Central idea: Modern technology and modern media have an influence on our lives Central idea: Water is an essential and vulnerable resource that is unevenly spread throughout the earth
An inquiry into: Differences between beliefs and values, ways in which groups or religions express their beliefs and values, consequences of being affiliated with these groups, how it connects to you and who you are and how you express yourself An inquiry into: the time and place of Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations, the systems developed by ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, how do these systems work, the relevance of examining past civilizations, including the connection to the present day An inquiry into:
the language of music, how people express themselves through the language of music, how we can experience the language of music
An inquiry into: What natural forces and plate tectonics are, characteristics of the earth's crust and layers, landforms due to natural forces, disasters due to natural forces An inquiry into: What modern technology and social media is,  how it has developed in the last 50 years, pros and cons of modern technology and social media, how it influences our lives An inquiry into: water as an essential and vulnerable element of our lives, the distribution and availability of water (water cycle), the impact of human activity on water, what we can do

​Grade 5

Who we are Where we are in place & time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organise ourselves Sharing the planet
Title: Our heritage Title: Wretched wars Title: To rhyme or not to rhyme Title: Puberty attack! Title: Let's decide! Exhibition unit: Sharing the planet
Central idea: Our cultural heritage helps us to define who we are as individuals and as a group Central idea: Political conflicts and wars cause disruption to the balance of children's lives Central idea: 
People can express themselves and experience different emotions through poetry
Central idea: As we get older and more mature our body and mind changes Central idea: Communities organise themselves by making decisions Central idea: Our actions affect the environment
An inquiry into: What culture is, aspects of culture, connection between culture and identity, 
similarity and differences
An inquiry into: What a war and political confilct is, reasons for conflict is and was, major wars in recent history, changes conflicts bring to children's lives An inquiry into: different forms of poetry, how people can express themselves through poetry, different techniques to activate an emortion, how we experience poetry An inquiry into: Physical changes, mental changes, peer pressure An inquiry into: Why communities need to organise themselves, how communities organise themselves, how different communities make decisions, different forms of government An inquiry into: What the environment is, examples of our actions, children's own inquiry points

This is the exhibition unit and so it will be further developed by the children

​Bilingual Kindergarten 1

All about me Shopping Let's pretend Houses Food Clothes
Children will find out all about themselves, their new friends in the class and all of the exciting things they can do now that they are at school Children will learn about all kinds of shops and they will visit a shop, learn about money, make things to sell Children will learn about all kinds of different ways to make up stories and to pretend to be someone or something different Children will learn about all kinds of houses and homes, They will look at different houses near the school, learn about special homes, build houses in the construction area Children will learn all about food; where it comes from, how it changes when you cook it, use food in other ways Children will learn all about clothes, and they will play dress-up, find out about special clothes, make clothes