​​​The Careers department is currently run by student services and lead by a careers advisor who has overall responsibility for careers development throughout the school and for university entrance. 

ISCO / Futurewise Testing

In grade 10, the year begins with ISCO (Futurewise) testing. This are a series of comprehensive psychometric tests which are designed to assess the student in a number of ways. The students receive feedback in small groups from the visiting consultant. The process is explained to parents at a special information evening.​

After MYP

Later in grade 10 the careers department helps with decision-making and package building for the Diploma Programme. We try to help with students who are leaving the school at this point, providing transcripts, organising references and giving some advice as to what options are available to the student.​

One member of the careers team is specifically dedicated to ​Dutch further education affairs. 


It is important for parents to plan for this eventuality. If no Diploma Programme at the International school, then what? Students can make an appointment at ANY time during the 9th or 10th grade to talk about their plans or ask questions. Parents can e-mail Ms. Isaac: They can aslo phone student services with their questions: +31(0)35-6729927.​